Graphic & Digital Design

The art of communication

Graphic design can be a powerful means of visual communication.

Whether through text or illustration, it can be found everywhere from food packaging to corporate brochures, advertising to events posters.

Graphic design has the ability to command attention, drawing the eye to a specific product, simplifying complicated information on a document or website or creating an identity for a product or business.

Graphic & Digital Design

Understanding the differences

Graphic Design is used for communication through print, such as magazines, menus, posters and advertising. It plays an important role in building a brand identity through its use in logos, business stationery, marketing and promotional materials.

Digital Design is focused on web-related communication, presenting a product, information or service through a digital interface. This can encompass websites, interface design, social media posts, email templates or online marketing ads.

Why is it important to your business?

It's how you communicate with customers

Using both Graphic and Digital Design can transform the way you interact with your customers. Offline communications include printed materials such as brochures, fliers or press ads. Online communication is presented on your website or via digital marketing campaigns.

The worlds of Graphic and Digital Design often overlap and using these disciplines together effectively can open up a whole new market for your unique business offerings.

Check out some of the latest Graphic & Digital Design work at .psd

The Rum Slinger

The Rum Slinger is a rum subscription service where every month 3 rums are selected and delivered direct to your home. We delivered a new website that was more tailored to customising customer orders, products and subscriptions.

G52 Botanical Vodka

Working with The Glasgow Distillery for the launch of their new G52 Botanical Vodkas, we developed a series of short animated ads to work across their social channels.

Maguire Solicitors

Maguire Solicitors are one of Glasgow's premier law firms, specialising in Immigration and Asylum Law. We updated their print and social presence across print and web.