Brand Design

Behind every brand lies a great story

Depending on the size of your business, a logo may be all that you need, however, as your business grows, creating a cohesive brand ‘look’ can elevate your business within the minds of your customers while subtly conveying your unique brand values.

Brand design can incorporate your overarching marketing materials and website design, it can be developed across uniforms, product packaging or menus, and can even continue/broaden its presence within your building’s internal space.

Brand design is about creating a distinctive identity that perfectly reflects you and your business and, because of this, the initial research and development stage is crucial. And so I work closely with you, considering every single element, because it is only once we have discovered your story that we can create a brand design that sets you apart.

Elements of Brand Design

What can we use to bring your brand to life?

Colour schemes, shapes, illustrations, graphics and typography – all of these elements come together to build your brand identity. This is what gets you noticed, making you instantly recognisable and memorable, helping you to stand out from your competitors while strengthening your relationship with your existing customers.

How do we establish your brand style?

Research - develop - create

Before even lifting pen to paper or mouse to screen, we conduct a thorough research stage right at the very start. Through this process we find out about your aims, your competitors, and your existing customer base, the things that makes you tick and, perhaps most importantly, where you want to be. A clear vision of how you would like to see your future is a vital step towards helping you get there.

These initial stages can be a fun journey of self-discovery with outcomes that could even surprise you. Collaboration can spark incredible ideas and will always result in great conversation.

Check out some of the latest Brand Design work at .psd

Brawsome Bagels

Brawsome Bagels use locally-sourced ingredients to create their uniquely flavoured bagels. Hot and cold filled bagels with mouth-watering fillings and brawsome flavour combinations.

McFly's Chicken

McFly’s Chicken is a new and exciting chicken wing and burger concept offering an irresistible selection of loaded chicken wings, buttermilk burgers, fresh salads and zesty slaws.

Namaste by Delhi Darbar

Namaste by Delhi Darbar is an Indian restaurant based in Glasgow's St. Enoch Centre, offering traditional favourites cooked to perfection using the finest and freshest locally sourced ingredients.