Motion Graphics

Get your brand moving

Also known as Motion Design, this is essentially the introduction of movement to Graphic Design.

While incorporating elements of animation, Motion Graphics are an effective way of engaging with your audience or bringing a depth of understanding to a subject by using dynamic movement, audio, or storytelling.

Motion Design is widely used in television and the movie industry and is often incorporated to explain technical information within news bulletins or sports broadcasts. Its wide-ranging capabilities make it a strong visual communication tool. 

Elements of Motion Graphics

How are they used?

Motion Graphics come in many forms and often make use of shape, rhythm, sound or pictorial metaphors to visually express an idea or emotion.

Massive strides in technology and the ever-growing presence of electronic devices within our day-to-day lives greatly expand its potential. What before was perhaps only used to introduce technical information now provides almost boundless informational, promotional and advertising opportunities.

Motion Graphics for your business

Advertising and social media

Depending on the nature of your business, motion graphics can be a hugely effective tool within your marketing strategy.

Video, as opposed to static posts, used across social media channels are proven to be substantially more engaging. Motion graphics can be 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length, and even if 10 seconds of a social media ad incorporating motion graphics is viewed, it can have enough impact to increase brand awareness.

Check out some of the latest Motion Graphics work at .psd

BODE Ventilation Awareness

Working in collaboration with City of Glasgow College, we created 3 short animations highlighting the dangers of working in enclosed spaces, used for training cargo ship workers and those working in these environments.

Namaste by Delhi Darbar

Namaste by Delhi Darbar is a restaurant in Glasgow's St. Enoch Centre. We created a marketing animation for Namaste by using imagery of Mughal emperors, intricate patterns and architectural features to evoke the feeling of Old India.

Understanding Mental Health

Understanding Mental Health is an interactive e-learning module in collaboration with City of Glasgow College and Dr Anna James of March TD, to help tutors connect with students experiencing mental health issues in their period of study.