Artwork & Illustration

Make a statement

It’s possible to enhance your message or identity even further with bespoke illustrations or artwork.

Illustration and Graphic Design (or Graphic Illustration) can complement and augment a brand message, advertising campaign or infographic when used as a visual interpretation or explanation of a text, concept or process. A statement piece, such as within a restaurant’s interior design, can greatly increase impact and engagement while demanding less of the viewer.

Illustrated Characters

Bring personality to your brand

The creation of a character can make your brand or business appear more accessible, often adding a light-hearted or amusing touch. Tailoring their appearance can ensure they appeal directly to your audience.

Introducing illustrated characters or creative forms within animation or motion graphics can also help to convey emotions or concepts that are harder to explain through live action.

Bespoke Artwork

Unique art created for you

Commissioning bespoke work for your bar, restaurant or business interior, such as a framed pieces of art or full wall mural, can give your brand an added lift. Musical project? We know from experience that a stand out record sleeve sells!

There are huge benefits in commissioned artwork. Aesthetically pleasing is a given, but connecting with your customers and helping them relate to your brand is where its true value lies.

Check out some of the latest Artwork & Illustration work at .psd

The Rum Shack

The Rum Shack is a Caribbean bar, kitchen and venue in Glasgow's Southside. Mythical characters and elements of visual culture were the basis for the bars bespoke interior artwork.

McFly's Chicken

McFly’s Chicken is a new and exciting chicken wing and burger concept offering an irresistible selection of loaded chicken wings, buttermilk burgers, fresh salads and zesty slaws.

365 Project

The 365 Project was an experimental project of creating an artwork a day, within a 2hr time limit, inspired by music that keeps me creative. Completed through January to December 2019.