Understanding Mental Health

Motion graphics

City of Glasgow College
Dr Anna James

Understanding Mental Health is an interactive e-learning module in collaboration with City of Glasgow College and Dr Anna James of March TD, to help tutors connect with students experiencing mental health issues in their period of study.

The project included up to 30 individual animations of varying length that were to be linked via a series of associated questions, educating the user in the process.

Given the subject matter the animation graphics had to be sensitive to this, whilst also not being too cartoon like to maintain the serious aspect of the subject.

Below are 4 examples of the animated content used across the 2 modules.

Visual approach

Given the sensitive nature of the subject matter, the graphical elements and characters were created with colours relating to mental health and wellbeing. Purple, green and blues were used to promote calm, and are associated with treating depressions and anxieties.


The e-learning module contained questions between the relevant animated content, educating the user throughout the course.

Client Comments

Dr Anna James

Director, March Training & Development

Although I wrote the content, I was unable to provide Paul with any visual guidance, nonetheless, he came up with highly creative, practical and appropriate animations on some very difficult topic areas including self-harm and addiction.

The final module is fantastic, popular with my clients and has received excellent feedback. Paul has carried on supporting me after the project was completed with various pieces of advice and support.